ABIL membership


Membership of ABIL is free, and conferences are held quarterly in the afternoon in central London.

Why You Should Join Us?

ABIL is operating in a context where previous government and related reports have recommended better and joined-up services for people who have had a brain injury and their carers – but these have not been seriously acted upon, and in the current economic climate and with the changes in the organisation of the NHS, services in many cases have worsened.  There is thus a continuing and urgent need to draw attention to the lack of appropriate services – where these exist – and generally to encourage good practice.

We feel strongly that ABIL must have representation from all stakeholders with an interest and commitment to ensuring that those across London who have had a brain injury, and their carers, are heard and seen and are given access to appropriate rehabilitation, care, support and information

Thus we encourage, and actively seek, membership and involvement from colleagues in health, social services, public health, housing, law, employment services, etc, in the statutory, private and voluntary sectors, working in this field at all stages of the care pathway, together with brain injury survivors and their carers.

You can join ABIL on the Home Page