Other support in the community

Key aspects are the role of GPs, the voluntary sector and, where needed, supported/residential accommodation.

Primary care

Given their central role as the ‘gatekeepers’ to many services, and an important link with the family, it would be very helpful if GPs were more aware of the effects of brain injury, and the services available. This is being addressed by Headway UK – see https://www.headway.org.uk/gp.aspx where GPs can find much useful information.

GPs might also find the following guidance helpful – Has your patient had a brain injury?

 Voluntary sector organisations

Headway Groups and other voluntary sector organisations have an important role as part of the long term care pathway.

Headway Groups

Headway Groups provide important social rehabilitation and long-term peer support to survivors and carers and family members.

There is currently a major lack of overall capacity in terms of Headway support services across London. The current six Headway Groups in London are:

Headway East London www.headwayeastlondon.org/

Headway North London www.headwaynorthlondon.org

Headway North West London http://www.headwaynorthwestlondon.org.uk/

Headway South East London/North West Kent http://www.headwayselnwk.co.uk/

Headway South West London http://www.headwayswlondon.org/

Headway West London   http://www.headwaywestlondon.org.uk/

Other voluntary sector organisations which offer services in London

The Silverlining http://www.thesilverlining.org.uk/

Friends of Attend ABI (fAABI) https://faabi.org.uk/

Different Strokes https://differentstrokes.co.uk/

Community and rehabilitation services for children with brain injury in London:

The Child Brain Injury Trust


and the Child Brain Injury Rehabilitation Service



The Children’s Trust



Supported and residential accommodation

There is also for some people a need for supported accommodation, with knowledgeable support onsite or otherwise readily available; this would be a partnership between Local Authority Housing and Social Services.

For others, who are unable to be supported in their own homes, there is a need for local specialist residential accommodation. The Headway UK Approved Provider Scheme provides accreditation of such services – see https://www.headway.org.uk/approved-care-providers.aspx