Specialist vocational/occupational rehabilitation services

Returning to work is very important for people after a brain injury, either to their previous employment or, if this is not possible, in some other form of productive activity.

It provides opportunities to re-build self esteem and re-integrate into society, as well as the more obvious potential financial benefits.

In order to achieve this, there is often a need for specialist brain injury vocational rehabilitation services, since the more-general, mainstream providers do not have sufficient expertise and understanding of the effects of ABI to work effectively with this client group.

In some areas, community rehabilitation teams and Headway Centres in London provide some vocational rehabilitation, or prepare people to engage in more specialist vocational rehabilitation.  However there are currently very few specialist brain injury vocational rehabilitation providers in London. There is also, of course, a need to educate employers and colleges about the needs of this group, particularly their cognitive and behavioural needs.